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    Phillip Lehans is an artist and photographer with a background in fine art and photojournalism. Born in Boston, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2002, and the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2005.
    He is the author of These Hamptons and his work has been published in magazines and news papers such as The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, The New York Times Style Magazine, Vanity Fair, Hamptons Magazine, Hamptons Purist, American Photo, Digital Photo Pro, Dan’s Papers, The East Hampton Star, The Sag Harbor Express, The Southampton Press, The Landmark and Worcester Magazine.
    In addition to his images appearing on the iconic Bay Street Theater poster, his work has been on display at the Massachusetts State House, the Worcester Art Museum and Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY.
    He is available for photography commission work in the Hamptons, New York, Boston and worldwide with a range of services including family portraits, weddings and events, headshots, product, real estate, sports and nearly any photographic need.
    He is also available for one-on-one camera lessons, Photoshop instruction, scanning and photo restoration and digital printing.

Family Portrait Photography, Autumn in New England (Worcester/Boston)

It’s autumn in New England!! And for a few short weeks, the landscape of the northeast will be transformed into a vibrant kaleidoscope of magnificent color… and then you have to rake it up, ugh. BUT! Before you grab that rake, grab your phone and set up a time for a portrait session. (Or drop me a line via the “contact” tab.) Dates are going quickly as there’s only a very short window before the trees go bare and your holiday card will be the laughing stock of your social circle. Pressure is on! To quote Tom Brady, “Let’s Goooooooo!!!”

Theater Photography, Off Off Off Broadway, New York

Photographing The Summit was like being thrown into the deep end of an avant-garde performance art sensory overload smorgasbord. This production, directed by Tucker Marder, Isla Hansen and Christian Scheider, quite literally redrew the confines of Guild Hall’s John Drew Theater in East Hampton, New York. Complete with puppets, a live band, video projections and an inflatable nebula, it was eye and ear candy for theatergoers.

Hamptons Event Photography: Martha Edition

So I looked at my thermometer the other day and it indicated it was hot out… that could only mean one of two things; 1. my thermometer is broken, or 2. it’s summer!! Summer on the East End means events, parties, galas, parties and parties. Last year I was fortunate enough to “party” with Martha Stewart. Of course by “party” I mean I was taking pictures while everyone else partied at a charity gala she was hosting… that’s ok because a Martha insider DID find me a seat at the table once my journalistic duties were fulfilled. The cuisine was outstanding! A fair amount of my photos made themarthablog, so (click here) to see what’s it’s like to party “Marthastyle.” If you’d like me to party with you and take photos while doing so, please give me a call or reach out through the contact page!!


Hamptons Family Portrait Photography

Summer in the Hamptons is nearly upon us! Any day now, this rain will subside and the beaches will be packed with people staring at a fogged in horizon… it’s funny ’cause it’s true. BUT DON’T FRET!!! Actual summer is coming! And Hamptons family portrait season will be here!! Schedules get busy, social calendars get clogged, so please call (508.353.0504) or drop me a line via the “contact” tab sooner than later to book your session. There are only so many prime evenings and they fill up fast!!

Family Photo Albums: Analog to Digital, Scanning and Restoration

Friday morning history lesson: Back in the old days, cameras required film and flash cubes. Those 24 mysterious frames would be processed by a person dressed like a hygienist and to wrap this lesson up quickly, those prints are likely now sitting in a box somewhere in a closet along with some disregarded fitness equipment and off-season scented candles. Basic math tells us that decades of taking pictures times “X” number of rolls @ 24 or 36 frames each + Polaroids = a big box of family photos which deserve to see the light of day and be preserved but it’s too overwhelming a task to tackle. So here’s the plan, drop me a line, we can work together to sort through these photos, edit them down, put them in some cohesive, chronological order, and I will scan them and design an album of all your most important family photos. Sound good? This doesn’t have to be scary. We’ve got this!