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    Phillip Lehans is an artist and photographer with a background in fine art and photojournalism. Born in Boston, he graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst in 2002, and the Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2005.
    He is the author of These Hamptons and his work has been published in magazines and news papers such as The Wall Street Journal, Architectural Digest, The New York Times Style Magazine, Vanity Fair, Hamptons Magazine, Hamptons Purist, American Photo, Digital Photo Pro, Dan’s Papers, The East Hampton Star, The Sag Harbor Express, The Southampton Press, The Landmark and Worcester Magazine.
    In addition to his images appearing on the iconic Bay Street Theater poster, his work has been on display at the Massachusetts State House, the Worcester Art Museum and Guild Hall in East Hampton, NY.
    He is available for photography commission work in the Hamptons, New York, Boston and worldwide with a range of services including family portraits, weddings and events, headshots, product, real estate, sports and nearly any photographic need.
    He is also available for one-on-one camera lessons, Photoshop instruction, scanning and photo restoration and digital printing.

Hamptons Event Photography – Party and Gala Photographer

Social events go by many names. Whether it’s a party, gala, event, clam bake, birthday, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, anniversary, reunion, fundraiser, wedding, shower, fiesta or just-because celebration, the common goal is often to have the event captured (photographed) by a photographer (me) who can document all the various, important moving (and not moving) parts. Events such as these (especially in the Hamptons,) are a sensory overload of the guests, the food, the atmosphere, the vibe, the environment, the table settings, the fun… there’s a lot to cover and it can be a whirlwind!! Leaving the photography duties in capable hands is the best way to ensure you have a excellent photos for posterity, your sponsors, PR, social media, and to share with family and friends. If you have a event planned, please either give me a ring (508.353.0504) or drop me a line through the contact page, summer is coming!!


Hamptons Real Estate Photographer – Hamptons Home Photography

Spring has sprung!! A few tell tale signs of this phenomenon of nature are, 1. Daffodils have sprouted in places you don’t remember planting bulbs. 2. That case of Rosé you were saving for Memorial Day is already half gone. And 3. You just remembered need to get your Hamptons property photographed so you can rent it for the season!!! Yes, May is NEXT WEEK!!! Whether your home is in Southampton, Bridgehampton, East Hampton, Sag Harbor or anywhere else on the East End of Long Island, please call or reach out through the contact page so we can get your Hamptons home photographed.

Hamptons Event Photography – Event Photographer

It may be April fool’s day, but this is not a joke!!! Summer basically starts next month!!!! Memorial Day is May 27th!! Yes, it IS time to panic!! April foolin’ notwithstanding, hiring a primo photographer for your event is no laughing matter. The keyword in that last sentence was, “event.” It’s not just a party, it’s something more… it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a Bar Mitzvah, Bat Mitzvah, an engagement, a wedding, a graduation, a gala, an unveiling, an opening…whatever the occasion… I don’t know, maybe your favorite uncle was just paroled… point being, it’s important, and iPhone photos won’t cut the mustard or challah! So, before all the good dates are taken, please call and let’s discuss photographing your most epic of events!!


Photo Restoration Services: Archiving Your Family History

With the advent of multiple websites helping trace your family history (and the movie Coco,), genealogy as a hobby has made a comeback!! Visiting the family plot has new meaning as you look down and can better understand how the heck you got here. In the old-timey days, photographs were a luxury and often one of a kind. Unfortunately, if not properly cared for, many of those photos may be deteriorating leaving your family tree with missing branches. Digitizing (scanning,) restoring (Photoshop,) and even printing them is worthwhile and a proactive way of archiving the family legacy for future generations. If not for your great grandchildren, do it for your great uncle Lyle.

Hamptons Real Estate Photography, Presidents’ Day 2019

Since it’s Washington’s Birthday, think of The Modern Barn by Plum Builders as a modern day Mount Vernon. Sophisticated design, luxurious materials and expert craftsmanship proves you don’t have to be the leader of the free world to live like a king. The latest issue of Hamptons Real Estate Showcase just dropped with a cover shot framed, Photoshopped and FTP’d by yours truly. If you’re a real estate agent who needs listings photographed, a homeowner trying to rent your property on Airbnb, or just need excellent photos of your home, please give me a call or drop me a line through the contact page. Summer is coming! Make your listing stand out! USA!