Hamptons Portrait Photography: The Art of the Analog (Film) Photo Session

In a time where 1’s and 0’s are the norm (digital,) there is still something to be said (very loudly) for the texture, romance, mystique and quality that film affords. Millions of photosites on a digital sensor is an amazing advancement, but the way the emulsion on a piece of film responds to light and shadow still hasn’t be replicated. A film portrait session is something very different from what has become today’s typical photo session. Instead of a seemingly infinite number of frames, each roll on a medium format camera contains just 16 exposures. This translates to a slower pace and generally, a more calm, thoughtful session. Though the film is ultimately digitized with a high-resolution scanner, the texture of the film is maintained, and the quality of the larger format film and larger lenses translates extremely well. The final product, a piece of art. There’s a reason why all those “old photographs” look so cool… call or fill out the contact form today to book your session!!!



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